Mobile Deposit

Save a trip to the bank by depositing checks with Mobile Deposit! Mobile Deposit is convenient and secure. 

Mobile Deposit is available for most customers that have a checking or savings account, are an active user of Online Banking and Mobile Banking, and have accounts in good standing with NSSB for more than 30 days. If Mobile Deposit is not listed as a menu option in your app, please call 765-676-5100 and ask for the E-Banking Department or stop by your local branch. Daily and monthly deposit limits apply.

Funds from Mobile Deposits will not be immediately available for use. Mobile deposits must be received by us no later than 7:00 PM EST on a business day to be credited at the end of the day. Deposits made after 7:00 PM EST will be credited at the end of the day on the next business day. There may be instances where longer hold times apply. Please ask us for our Funds Availability Policy for more information. In the event that a longer hold time applies to your deposit, you will be notified.

Mobile Deposit Instructions

Please note, the order of these steps may vary depending on the version of the app that you are using.

  1. Verify that the check(s) you are depositing are not on the list of checks below that cannot be deposited through Mobile Deposit.
  2. Log in to your mobile app.
  3. Press the menu button in the top left corner of the screen. Select "Deposit Checks".
  4. Select "Deposit a check"
  5. Enter the dollar amount of the check and select "Continue".
  6. Take a picture of the front of the check.
  7. If the image is clear press "Continue".
  8. Endorse the back of the check “For NSSB Mobile Deposit Only” and sign your name.
  9. Take a picture of the back of the check.
  10. If the image is clear, press "Continue".
  11. Enter the dollar amount of the check in the “Check Amount” field.
  12. Tap to select the account that you wish to deposit into.
  13. Press "Submit".
  14. You will receive a confirmation in the app showing whether your deposit was approved or rejected.
  15. If your deposit was approved, write “Electronically Deposited” on the top of the front of the check.
  16. You will receive an email that your deposit was either approved, rejected, or adjusted. If your deposit was rejected or adjusted and you have questions, call us at 765-676-5100.
  17. In order to safeguard non-public personal information you must store processed checks in a safe and secure location. As long as your account has been credited on the correct date for the correct amount, you can shred checks that you have deposited 30 days after the date of deposit.

If you have any of the following checks you will need to make the deposit with a teller instead of using Mobile Deposit: Checks drawn on banks outside of the United States, checks that are payable in foreign currency, money orders, savings bonds, checks payable to any person or entity other than you, checks that appear to be altered, forged, or counterfeit, checks suspected to be fraudulent, checks that are not properly endorsed, checks payable to more than one person, checks dated more than 6 months prior to the date of deposit, postdated checks, remotely created checks, checks that have been previously returned by the bank, checks that have already been deposited, Traveler’s checks, or check images with unreadable magnetic ink character recognition (“MICR”) information.

*Availability may be affected by your mobile device’s coverage area. Your mobile carrier’s text messaging and web access charges may apply. Mobile Deposits are available for select mobile devices. Message and data rates may apply. Subject to eligibility and further review. Deposits are subject to verification and are not available for immediate withdrawal. Deposit limits and other restrictions apply. Call 765-676-5100 for more information.