Trust Services

Providing Trust Services for Generations.

We offer a wide variety of services and are experienced in handling complex accounts. We can assist you with the following services:

Estate Administration

  • Executor or Administrator
  • As agent for individual executors or administrators

Trust Administration

  • Trustee of many types of revocable and irrevocable trusts
  • As agent for trustees

Guardianships / Conservatorships

  • As guardians or conservators of estates and individuals

Agency relationships of many types

  • As power of attorney with regard to financial and business matters

Self-Directed IRAs
1031 Exchanges-qualified intermediary
Farm Management

Estate Planning Services

  • Do you have a will?
  • Do you need a trust?
  • Have you done adequate estate planning?
  • Are your documents and plans up to date?

Does your estate plan:

  • Include an up to date will or trust?
  • Name a guardian for your minor children?
  • Name an executor/trustee you are confident will be available and able to carry out your wishes?

For more information, please contact us or call our Trust Department at 765-676-4532.