Online Banking

Bank online, anytime.

North Salem State Bank’s online banking offers you access to your accounts 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Making a loan payment or transferring money from one account to another has never been so simple. Check your balance, view transactions, print copies of checks, set up automatic transfers, or print off statements. You can do it all online for FREE!

Enroll for Online Banking by clicking on the "Sign Up" button in the top right corner of the home page or stop by a branch to fill out an application. After your application is processed, your Online Banking ID and instructions for accessing your accounts will be mailed to you.

Online Bill Payment

Paying bills using Bill Pay is quicker and easier than writing and mailing checks. Save yourself the cost of postage stamps by setting your bills up to pay automatically through Bill Pay. You can do it all online for FREE! Check the Bill Pay box on the Online Banking application or, if you already have Online Banking, call us and we can add Bill Pay to your Online Banking.

Online Banking and Bill Payment Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How can I set up password self reset?

A. Log in to Online Banking and click the "Options" tab. Select the "Personal" tab and enter a password reset question and a password reset answer, then click "Submit". If you are already locked out of Online Banking, please contact a branch for assistance.

Q. How do I reset my own password?

A. If you have previously set up the password self reset option then click "Self Reset" on the home page. Enter your NSSB Online Banking ID, enter your email address, enter an E-mail Subject and click "Continue". You will receive an email with instructions about how to reset your password.

Q. How can I add payees for Bill Payment?

A. Log in to Online Banking and click on the "Bill Payment" tab. Select the "Add Payee" tab. Select either the "Pay a Company" or the "Pay an Individual" tab. The "Pay an Individual" tab allows you to add your personal payees (friends, relatives, one-time bills), for one-time or repeating payments. 

After you have entered your payee, the Bill Pay system will search the database to see if your payee can be paid electronically or if the payment must be sent by check. Common payees such as water, electric, or phone companies may be set up to receive electronic payments. You will see a message notifying you whether the payment will be made by check or electronically for each payee that you set up.

Q. How can I edit or delete a payee?

A. Log in to Online Banking and click on the "Bill Payment" tab. Click the "Payees" tab. Find the payee that you would like to edit or delete and click the "Select Options" drop down for that payee and change it to either "Edit" or "Delete".

If you are deleting a payee, confirm that you would like to delete the payee by clicking "Delete". 

Q. How can I cancel or modify a scheduled bill payment?

A. Log in to Online Banking and click on the "Bill Payment" tab. You can edit or delete a pending payment at any time while the edit or delete buttons are visible for the pending payment. If you accidentally hit the Delete button, you will still have a chance to cancel the action before the payment is deleted. After you have canceled a payment, you can reschedule a payment for that payee.

Q. Why does the online banking login page no longer remember my access ID and password?

A. Your browser is utilizing an autocomplete feature to save and automatically remember your ID and password, which works on web pages you have previously accessed. When we published a new logon page, the browser did not have a previous entry to remember. Please key in your access ID and password each time you log on to ensure the highest level of security. If you have forgotten your password or have been locked out of your account, please call 765-676-5100.